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Instinctive Shooting International provides professional training, education, and consulting services for Federal, State, Tribal, and Municipal government agencies as well as private organizations.

We develop and strengthen professional competencies, sustain critical individual and unit skill proficiency, and help agencies and small units develop advanced operational capabilities in support of Law Enforcement, Military Combat Readiness, Homeland Security, and corporate risk management.

Capability Overview

We facilitate tactical training and security engagements of all types and sizes, from those at the highest levels of the Federal, State, Tribal, and Local government agencies to educational campuses, corporations, businesses, houses of worship, and urban institutions. 

Federal Contracting & NAICS Identifiers

Unique Entity ID:  WTR3GXEP7KP6

CAGE Code:   3RBH8

DoD / US Army Contractor

NAICS Codes:  611519, 611699, 611710, 611430, 541611, 541690

Meet Our Team

Hanan "Richter" Yadin - ISI CEO & Principal

Hanan is a veteran of the Israel Defense Force (IDF) and a former member of Israel National Counter-Terrorism Agency (Shin-Bet, Ministry of Defense).

He was part of a unit that conducted covert operations and high-risk protective services for government agents and select VIPs. He received advanced training at the Israeli Anti-Terror Academy and served as an instructor at the Israeli Military Intelligence Academy.

During his service with IDF’s Human Intelligence service, he participated in deception maneuvers against enemy forces and conducted hundreds of investigative questioning, screening, and evaluations of terrorist risks to Israel’s national security.  

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Steve Messer - ISI Operations Director

Steve is a retired Navy SEAL Senior Chief with a combined 38 years experience as a SEAL Operator, US Navy Master Training Specialist, and High-Risk Training Specialist within Naval Special Warfare, DHS, and the private law enforcement training sector. 

His areas of expertise include Basic and Advanced Weapons Training, CQC, Maritime Counterterrorism, Hostage Rescue, Sniper & Special Reconnaissance Operations, Combat Survival, and Range & Simulations technology development.

He has a strong reputation within multiple government organizations for superb program management, team achievement, and innovative approaches to customer success, training excellence, and combat readiness.

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LT Jack Cambria - ISI Instructor 

Hostage Negotiation Expert

LT Jack Cambria is a retired member of the New York City Police Department with over 34 years of distinguished service. He served as a precinct uniform and plainclothes patrol officer, sergeant, and lieutenant in Brooklyn’s 72nd Precinct in Sunset Park. He holds a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. 

He also served within the same ranks in the Emergency Service Unit (ESU) for 16 years, a unit with the primary mission of Rescue, Tactical, and Counter-Terrorism services to the City of New York. His operational tours included response and service on many high-profile assignments such as both World Trade Center disasters, plane crashes, and a variety of hostage and barricade situations that included particularly violent and suicidal individuals.

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Grand Master Hanshi Moti Horenstein

ISI Defensive Tactics Instructor

GM Horenstein was born and educated in Israel. At the age of 5 he began training in the martial arts. During his training, he captured several Junior Champion of Israel titles.

He is a 10th Degree Black Belt, Six-Time World Champion, Master in gun & knife disarm techniques, Escrima-Stick, Baton fighting and defense, Head Instructor World Survival Hisardut Organization and a recognized hand-to hand combat authority.

In 1983 he was drafted into the Israeli Army. He served in the Airborne Special Forces, and in several commando divisions teaching survival techniques for three consecutive years. 

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John Muirhead, Lt Col - USAF Ret

ISI Tactical Instructor

Lt Col Muirhead is currently a Texas State Guard COL, Assistant Chief, Bexar County Constable Office, PCT 4, MeD, MSSI, and TCOLE Instructor.  

He has over 30 years of military, special operations, intelligence, and law enforcement experience.  He holds a Master’s Degree of Strategic Intelligence and Middle Eastern Studies from the National Defense Intelligence College, a Master’s Degree in Education and Psychology from Montana State University-Northern, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin.

He is a PHD student of Forensic Psychology at Walden University, a graduate of Air War College, Texas State Guard Strategic Leaders Course, FBI Command College, the FBI Internal Affairs Investigations Course, and is a Distinguished Graduate of the Army Officer Psychological Operations Course. 

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Daniel Elborne

ISI Tactical Instructor  

Daniel Elborne began his tactical career in 2003 when he joined the USMC. He completed two combat tours in Iraq, first in 2005 with the infantry and then in 2007 as a Recon team member for Task Force Tomahawk.

Upon returning home Daniel transitioned to the USMC Reserve and continued his training as a Recon Marine. He is currently a Gunnery Sergeant with 4th Reconnaissance Battalion Company C (Reserves).

He has certifications in Direct Action Operations, Reconnaissance and Surveillance, Amphibious Operations, Military Free Fall (MFF) HALO and HAHO Operations to include Tandem certifications for equipment and personnel.

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Avi Arbiv - ISI Tactical Instructor

Avi is a specialist in SWAT, sniper operations, tactical rappelling, high-risk covert operations, hostage rescue, intelligence operations, and Improvised Explosive Devices.

A native of Israel, Avraham (Avi) Arbiv began his military service in one of the elite commando military units in Israel Defense Force. Avi continued his service as an officer in the same unit.

Shortly after his military service Avi Joined the “Duvdevan” (Cherry in Hebrew) unit which specialized in high-risk undercover operations. After completing his military service, Avi joined the Israel National Police and served with one of the most elite Anti-Terrorist units worldwide – the Ya’mam. 

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Eric Rausch

ISI Counterdrug & Gang Instructor  

Eric Rausch is a former Senior Special Agent (SS/A) with the Drug Enforcement Administration. His duties included Clandestine Laboratory Coordinator, responsible for the training, retention, and safety of 25 Special Agents in Clandestine laboratory (CL) investigations specializing in highly sensitive and complex cases involving new and emerging drugs.

He led the planning and execution of complex investigations involving organizations that were frequently involved in other crimes, including healthcare fraud, weapons trafficking, money laundering, smuggling, conspiracy, and corruption. 

He was also the Lead SS/A liaison assigned to the Houston Police Department's Gang investigative unit. He conducted Gang investigations, interviews, and interrogations of 1000’s of witnesses and subjects involved in multiple local, regional, national, and international organizations. 

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