Corporate & Private Sector Services

 Security Engagements, Consulting, Custom Training Programs, and Seminars

ISI provides a wide variety of security services, consulting, and training for corporate & private clients.

Domestic & Global Security Services

ISI’s organic in-house expertise is a result of personal antiterrorism experience and counterterrorism response operations conducted in dangerous Middle East environments, global hotspots, tactical American Law Enforcement, and the highest levels of the US Special Operations Command.

This expertise is leveraged to help corporations, private sector businesses, and high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) develop core capabilities, risk management frameworks, and emergency response plans for their companies and families in the areas below.

Prevention:  Security, threat, and vulnerability assessments and consulting to avoid, prevent, or stop a threatened or actual act of terrorism, “lone wolf” attack, or damage from civil unrest or natural disaster.

Protection:  Security engagements to protect private property and/or corporate assets against acts of terrorism, civil unrest, or natural disasters.

Mitigation:  Reducing loss of life and property by lessening the impact of threats or disasters.

Response & Recovery:  Private security engagements and consulting to save lives, property, assets, and maintain continuity of operations after an incident has occurred.

School & Institutional Safety

Hanan is a recognized Subject Matter Expert in School Safety and Institutional antiterrorism (prevention) and counterterrorism (response). ISI’s own custom program, Rapid Active Shooter Emergency Response (RASER) is highly regarded and nationally recognized as a performance-based training syllabus that produces the highest levels of operational readiness among its graduating students.

As an ISI client, you can rest assured that your organization or family will get custom options and sustainable solutions designed to reduce your risk, help prevent disaster, and protect what’s most important to you and your mission.

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