Government and Military Training

Skill Sustainment & Operational Capability Development  

When Failure is Not an Option, Training Is Never Over

Achieving Superior Performance Through Operational Readiness™

Homeland Security

Federal Agency Services

ISI capabilities supports US Homeland Security Core Capability development in the following areas:

  • Prevention
  • Protection
  • Mitigation
  • Response

Our training services encompass specific domains within each area, primarily supporting Federal agencies all the way from short notice training requirements through contingency support, natural disaster response, and requirements generation and contract support for long term acquisition strategy.

Federal Tactical Teams

Every ISI Law Enforcement training program can be modified and customized to meet tactical team objectives and training timelines. Training support packages typically include skill & proficiency sustainment, as well as specialized programs for new equipment training, advanced capability development, and equipment testing primarily for the following missions:

  • Counterterrorism / Targeted Violence Response
  • High-Risk Security / High-Risk Apprehension Operations
  • Hostage Rescue, Active Shooter / Mass Attack
  • Special Reconnaissance / Countersniper
  • Counterdrug / Border Security Activities
  • Maritime Special Operations   

Military and Special Operations Training

Pre-Deployment Training

ISI Firearms, Instructor, Crisis Response, and Law Enforcement Training programs are designed to bridge the gap between natural skill deterioration or new mission training requirements and fully capable, individual combat readiness.

Our Pre-Deployment and skill sustainment programs are designed to give soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines the optimum weapons handling, safety, and reflexive combat skills needed to survive and accomplish their mission objectives in today's global high-threat environments.

Specialty Training and Support

Since 9/11, ISI has developed numerous specialized training programs to help Special Operations personnel and conventional elements of the Joint Force that provide critical combat support and theater logistics for SOF personnel.

 ISI Level I Government and Military weapons training terminal performance objectives easily meet or exceed most Federal agency requirements and military Mission Essential Task List (METL) performance and qualification standards.

DoD Training & Education Support

DoD Education Activity Partnership

Image of the US Department of Defense logo

ISI Training Center and teaming partners designed and currently delivers Active Shooter and Emergency Management training protocols for 160 Department of Defense Education Activity schools located in 11 foreign countries, 7 states, Guam, and Puerto Rico.
DoDEA, as one of only two Federally-operated school systems, is responsible for planning, directing, coordinating, and managing Pre-K through 12th grade educational programs on behalf of the Department of Defense (DoD).
We help deliver training and education in the areas of Emergency Management, School Emergency Action Plans, Prevention, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery.

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