ISI Homeland Security Training

Core Competences and Skills | SWAT and Special Response Team

Collective and Individual Skill & Proficiency Training for Homeland Security Professionals

ISI tactical training is specifically designed by former DHS professionals to support Federal agency capabilities and responsibilities within the National Response Framework.

Core Capability Mission Areas. Our training programs help Federal Tactical Teams develop and sustain capabilities that enhance interoperability with State, Tribal, and Local Law Enforcement at both the operational and tactical levels supporting:

  • Prevention
  • Protection
  • Mitigation
  • Response

Tactical Pistol - Level 1

This program introduces and reinforces safety fundamentals required for duty carry, care & maintenance, tactical shooting from multiple positions, point shooting techniques, and weapons handling skills under stress.

Patrol Rifle - Level 1

This course is for the seasoned patrol officer. The officer will refresh his/her understanding and demonstrate proficiency regarding the functioning, operation, safe handling and principles of marksmanship regarding the AR-15 patrol rifle.

Handgun Optics - Transition & Proficiency Training

This course provides the training and live-fire experience needed to transition from iron sights to PMO. Designed with a building-block approach, it builds on the weapons handling and manipulation skills gained in the ISI Tactical Pistol Level 1 (or equivalent) training program, including nomenclature, function, and use of PMOs in daylight, low-light, and night conditions.

Tactical Rifle & Pistol - Low Light & Night Conditions

The purpose of this course is to address the fundamentals of handgun and patrol rifle handling, marksmanship, and light usage as a law enforcement tool in lowlight conditions. Instill muscle memory for the safe and appropriate use of lighting attached to weapon systems for target ID, background awareness, and temporary blindness as a defensive tactic.