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Fundamental Firearms Skill & Proficiency

ISI Level I programs help bridge the gap between entry-level training and optimum weapons handling, safety, and officer performance required on today’s streets.

Tactical Pistol: Level 1        

3 Days. This program introduces and reinforces safety fundamentals required for duty carry, care & maintenance, tactical shooting from multiple positions, point shooting techniques, and weapons handling skills under stress.

Patrol Rifle: Level 1             

3 Days. This course is for the seasoned patrol officer. The officer will refresh his/her understanding of and demonstrate proficiency regarding the function, operation, safe handling, and marksmanship skills using the AR-15 patrol rifle.

Pistol Optics 

3 Days. This course provides the training and live-fire experience needed to transition from iron sights to PMO. It builds on weapons handling and manipulation skills gained in the ISI Tactical Pistol Level 1 or equivalent training.

Pistol & Rifle: Low Light    

3 Days. This course covers the fundamentals of handgun and patrol rifle safety, weapons and light manipulation, marksmanship, and light usage as a law enforcement tool in lowlight conditions.

SWAT Sniper: Level 1         

5 Days. Qualification course designed to train and qualify designated law enforcement personnel to support SWAT and Tactical Response Operations as a Precision Marksman or Observer.

Custom Programs              

Have a need for a customized weapons training program not listed here? (i.e., foreign weapons familiarization). Reach out and contact us with your requirements and we'll help with a solution.

Advanced Individual Firearms Skill & Proficiency

ISI Advanced Firearms training is designed to build on fundamental skills and further develop accuracy, threat identification, and surgical marksmanship skills with duty firearms and tactical weapon systems.

CQC marksmanship           

3 Days. Advanced rifle and pistol marksmanship skills development for entry and hostage rescue team members. Learning objectives focus on threat discrimination, primary & secondary weapon handling skills under stress, shooting while moving, low light conditions, and consistent accuracy in surgical shot placement.

Combat Rifle:  LVPO          

3 Days. Designed to transition basic patrol rifle officers and entry team operators from iron sights to modern carbine optics. Comprehensive performance objectives develop instructor-level competencies with Low Variable Power Optics, holographic optics, extenders, red dot, and reflex sights.

SWAT Sniper Sustainment 

3 - 5 day custom training. Length is dependent upon agency requirements and objectives.

Curriculum and performance objectives are tailored to meet priority skill sustainment and proficiency objectives for individual and collective mission-essential task list and SWAT sniper competencies.

Crisis Response and Officer Survival

ISI Crisis Response and Officer Survival training includes multiple training programs designed to support critical capabilities required by agencies, departments, and jurisdictions of all sizes as well as individual officer defensive tactics training.

Our flagship active threat response program, Rapid Active Shooter Emergency Response (RASER), is recognized as one of the top active shooter programs in the United States.

RASER is frequently requested by agencies that have already experimented with government funded e-learning courses or university-sponsored active shooter seminars and are looking for a more comprehensive program that better trains and prepares their first responders.


3 or 5 Days. Rapid Active Shooter Emergency Response. Designed for Patrol Officers, SROs, Entry Team operators and tactical instructors. This training goes far beyond government-sponsored and university-based active shooter seminars and e-learning courses. Ask us for a reference, we'll connect you with sworn officers that have taken RASER.

Krav Maga                            

Developed in the tough battlegrounds of the Middle East, Krav Maga has been effectively adapted for law enforcement and civilian use. It's the ideal self-defense system for use on the street - a place where no rules exist for predators.

Civil Unrest & Riot Control 

2 Days. This course is designed to prepare first responders for response operations to civil unrest or riots. Topics include pre-deployment training, equipment, tactics, less lethal response operations, team movement, PPE, command and control. A third training day can be added as a Train-the-Trainer option.

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