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Hanan Yadin - ISI CEO and Principal

During his service with IDF’s Human Intelligence (HUMINT) service, Mr. Yadin participated in deception maneuvers against enemy forces and conducted hundreds of investigative questioning, screening, and evaluations of terrorist risks to Israel’s national security.  As part of a covert Israeli Special Operations unit, he routinely executed high-risk missions. He is an expert marksman and has completed advanced training in crisis response, urban warfare and tactical operations.  

He also provided specialized training for the US Department of Defense, Department of Justice, Department of State, as well as the U.S. Navy SEAL Teams, US Army and US Air Force. He has trained and founded SWAT teams and Rapid Reaction Teams around the country. Additionally, he delivered tactical sustainment training to First Responders, CRTs, and helped the Houston Metropolitan Transit Authority establish and certify their first Special Operations Response Team.

Pre-9/11, he focused on innovative training that helped police officers boost their shooting and tactical skill sets in response to an increasingly violent criminal and terrorist element. He’s trained thousands of operators in instinctive (reflex) shooting methods that enable accurate 1st-round hits within 1 second. Post 9/11, He  consulted and trained military and police units in low-visibility operations and urban warfare prior to military combat deployments.    


In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Hanan was called upon to use his skills to lead a rapid deployment to protect private assets. Within 24 hours he and his team were in the disaster zone and operated in a hostile environment for 60 days with no incidents or incursions.

Steve Messer, ENCS(SEAL/MTS) USN Ret - ISI Operations Director

photo of Steve Messer, retired Navy SEAL

Mr. Messer's recent senior leadership experience includes 12.5 years in the Executive Branch at the senior GS-13 level within Naval Special Warfare Development Group (NSWDG) - Dam Neck, VA, and DHS-USCG Special Missions Training Center (SMTC), Camp Lejeune, NC. 

At SMTC he led the tactical curriculum development and modernization program for multiple basic and advanced tactical training pipelines and helped stand up the USCG Tactical Center of Excellence at Camp Lejeune. Over the span of 6 years, he served in two separate GS-13 positions, first as Lead Close Quarter Combat Instructor followed by appointment three years later as the Advanced Weapons Training Coordinator (AWTC). As the AWTC, he moved the USCG Precision Marksman training program from Coast Guard Aviation Training Command, Mobile, AL to Camp Lejeune leading its modernization efforts with multiple new programs of instruction. 

In 2015 he was recruited by NSWDG to compete for the GS-13 Deputy Range and Simulations Officer position. There he led an elite, hand-selected team of 50 active-duty, civilian, and contract employees in a fast-paced, zero-fail, 24/7 mission response environment supporting combat readiness training for the most capable military unit in the world. 

His duties included management, acquisition strategy, and technology design upgrades for 14 of the most sophisticated SOF combat marksmanship facilities, demolition ranges, and combat training simulations in the global Special Operations community.

Following active-duty retirement in 2005, he served as a Plank Owner and Assistant Training Director of the newly formed Government Training Institute campus in Denmark and Barnwell, SC. There he helped develop curriculum and deliver training for special operations law enforcement, including DHS Type I, II, III, Advanced SWAT for Terrorism/WMD Response Operations, Active Shooter, and Improvised Explosive Device Awareness.

LT Jack Cambria - ISI Hostage Negotiation Expert

LT Cambria also served as a Rescue Team Manager on the FEMA-Urban Search and Rescue NY Task Force-1 during his time in ESU where he deployed to Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maryland in 1995 and to the Atlanta Georgia Olympic Bombing in 1996.

In 2001, he was selected to command the NYPD’s elite Hostage Negotiation Team. His duties consisted of coordinating the efforts of over 100 negotiators, who responded throughout New York City to all hostage and related assignments. He was responsible for the training and certification of all new negotiators and bi-annual refresher training of all current members of the team and in-service training for many International, Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement agencies.

In 2006, he was tasked with selecting, leading, and deploying a specialized 3-person team to the U.S. Military Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to conduct hostage negotiation training for members of the United States Joint Task Force. As a direct result of that assignment, he and his team were asked by the Commandant of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point to conduct a hostage negotiation training program for the senior class of cadets which continued for eight years until his retirement. He's also served as an adjunct professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and at Empire State College has authored several scholarly articles on negotiations.

During his time with the hostage team, he responded to well-over 5000 crisis assignments. Additionally, he served as a technical consultant in the entertainment industry, advising major motion pictures such as ‘The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3,’ ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit,’ and ‘The Amazing Spiderman II;’ and, for the television series, ‘Life on Mars,’ ‘Blue Bloods,’ ‘Unforgettable,’ ‘Elementary,’ ‘The Mysteries of Laura,’ and 'The Breaks.'  

Grand Master Moti Horenson - ISI Defensive Tactics Instructor

In 1986, he captured the title “Champion of Israel” in the adult heavy weight division, a title that he continued to hold until his arrival to the U.S. in 1989.

Today, GM Hanshi Moti is a 10th degree Black Belt and continues to compete worldwide as well as holding title of  Director and Chief Instructor of the World Survival Hisardut Organization. He holds World Titles in 5 different styles. In 1995, GM Hanshi Moti was crowned Champion of the World at the International World Oyama Karate Open Championships as well as captured first place honors in Team USA Shidokan, representing the United States in Tournaments around the world. Most recently, Hanshi captured Champion of the United States in Muay Thai and in August 1998 he captured Champion of the World at the King's Cup Muay Thai World.  Today GM Hanshi Moti works even harder to bring his students the best techniques through hard work, research, and personal development. This is something that Hanshi feels is an important aspect in the Survival Hisardut System. 

John Muirhead, Lt Col, USAF Retired - ISI Tactical Instructor

His tactical training includes SWAT, Advanced SWAT, SWAT Sniper School, ASP Instructor, Firearms Instructor, SCUBA, Night Shooting, Patrol Rifle, Military Parachutist rating, Air Assault School, JFK Special Warfare Center Counterterrorism INTAC Course, and various other law enforcement and military tactical training certifications. His active military career included service as a nuclear ICBM launch officer in Strategic Air Command, an intelligence officer on active jump-status as a member of the U.S. Special Operations Command, a Pentagon tour as Chief of Influence Operations, a Behavioral Scientist conducting psychological profiling, a federal magistrate, and as a commander at three levels.

COL Muirhead’s ground combat tours include Pristina, Kosovo (ALLIED FORCE); Skopje, Macedonia (Allied Rapid Reaction Force-NOBLE ANVIL, JOINT GUARDIAN); Baghdad, Iraq (18th Airborne Corps - IRAQI FREEDOM), and other classified locations. Upon retirement from active duty, and graduation from a law enforcement academy, John began work both as a support officer for the Bexar County Precinct Four Constable’s Office, and as a defense consultant, first for Booz Allen Hamilton, and then for the Garrett Group, as a Behavioral Analyst for the Human Influence Targeting Team for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, where he conducted psychological profiling on enemy High-Value Targets.

John continues to serve in a military capacity after he was recruited by the Texas State Guard Army Component, first as executive officer, 1st Regiment, then after promotion to full Colonel in 2016, as Commander, 2nd Regiment, (Civil Affairs) TXSG. He went on to become the Deputy Commander, 6th Brigade, and then the acting commander of 6th Brigade, which has emergency management responsibility for region 6 of Texas. In August 2017, COL Muirhead was awarded the Texas Medal of Merit for his actions and leadership of his Regiment, responding to Hurricane Harvey. He was also awarded the Texas Outstanding Service Medal for his actions during COVID relief operations. Currently, he is the Inspector General for the Texas State Guard, the Assistant Chief, Support Division, Bexar County Constable Office, PCT#4, and Adjunct Faculty for San Antonio College, Law Enforcement Academy.  

Daniel Elborne - ISI Tactical Instructor 

Daniel joined the San Antonio Police Department in 2006 and spent the first 4 years as a Patrolman assigned to a high crime area in the Central service area. In 2010 Daniel tried out for the San Antonio SWAT Team and was selected. In the years following he received training in all aspects of SWAT Operations to include Hostage Rescue, Vehicle Assaults and Take Downs, SWAT Sniper Operations, Downed Officer Rescue, Tactical Casualty Care, Chemical Agent munitions, Less Lethal munitions, Explosive Energetic Breaching, Tactical Hazmat Operations, and Helicopter Mounted Operations. He’s a recent graduate of the FBI Hazardous Devices School and is a certified Explosive Bomb Technician. Daniel enjoys teaching, training others, and sharing these skills and lessons learned with other operators from around the world.


Avraham "Avi" Arbiv - ISI Tactical Instructor 

In Israel the Ya’mam is also known as the "Unit for Counter-Terror Warfare". It is subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Security Central Command and is part of the civilian Israel Police force, specifically the Israel Border Police. Its operators and officers are professional policemen on payroll, usually with infantry experience from their military service within the Israel Defense Forces. Ya’mam recruits its members exclusively from Israeli SOF units.

The unit is primarily responsible for high-risk counterterrorism operations, civilian hostage rescue within Israel's borders, but from about the mid-1990's it has also been used for tasks such as high-risk warrants, and arrest of barricaded suspects requiring specialized extraction methods.

The Ya'mam are schooled in basic Arabic and dress to assimilate themselves within the Arab population to avoid detection in order to carry out raids to arrest those suspected of conducting terrorist activities within Israel. However, most of Ya'Mam's activity is classified, and published Ya'Mam operations are often credited to other units. 

R. Eric Rausch - ISI Counterdrug & Street Gang Tactics Instructor 

During his career as a DEA Senior Special Agent (SS/A), Mr. Rausch was also the Supervisor of the Emergency Medical Services (EMS)/Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, responsible for management, training, and equipping 90 Tactical First Responders (TFR) and 10 DEA medics.  

Additionally, with the Houston PD's Gang Investigative Unit, he was responsible for surveillance, undercover assignments, purchase of evidence, searches/seizures, arrest warrants, and the recruitment and handling of dozens of Cooperating Individuals for case development. 

He produced and presented hundreds of reports and results to U.S. Attorneys and State Attorneys for prosecution, analysis of financial data, reports, ledgers, company payrolls, company books, and correspondence utilizing forensic accounting methods. Additionally, he was responsible for the handling of special intelligence and a confidential source (CS) program during the facilitation of a worldwide maritime initiative.