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First Responders conducting Active Shooter Response training.

Who We Are

ISI is an American company based in Houston, TX. Since 1999 we've served our nation with advanced tactical training and security services based on American and Israeli combat experience and lessons learned on the battlefield. 

Our leadership and instructor cadre are combat veterans and Subject Matter Experts (SME) from the ranks of the most elite Israeli counterterrorism forces, American Special Mission Units, and tactical professionals from across the USA.

Collectively, our team has well over 150 years of experience conducting global special operations, tactical law enforcement in high-risk environments, and high-risk training at all operational and institutional levels. Learn more about us here.

Functional Capability Development and Counterterrorism Training for Law Enforcement

ISI provides numerous accredited programs to develop, sustain, and improve individual core competencies and collective skills that enhance job performance, crisis response readiness, and interoperability in multi-agency or multi-jurisdictional situations.

Training categories include:

  • Basic Firearms Skill & Proficiency
  • Advanced Firearms Handling & Combat Marksmanship
  • Training Instructor Development & Range Safety Officer
  • Officer Survival, Active Shooter, and Crisis Response
  • SWAT & Special Response Team Skills & Capability Development
  • Maritime Special Operations
Military units conducting Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT) training in preparation for deployment.

Training Standards Alignment

ISI supports the National Tactical Officer’s Association (NTOA) recommended Tactical Response and Operations Standard released in (TROS, June 2023). Our modular training framework is designed to support progressive training or accelerated capability development required for Tier 1 and Tier 2 SWAT Teams and Tier 3 and Tier 4 Tactical Response Team capabilities as defined in the NTOA TROS. 

Tactical law enforcement instructors and Special Operations SMEs are available to support and deliver fundamental and advanced training, table-top exercise support, and special capability development for a wide variety of programs.  To find out how your agency or department can get the training you need with a schedule and logistics plan that works best for your people, simply click the button below and we'll connect.

Instructor Experience & Client Support

The ISI Instructor cadre holds a variety of state and nationally accredited law enforcement instructor certifications as well as advanced DHS certifications and DoD SME-level training military occupational specialty codes. Additionally, several courses in the ISI training catalog are approved for Texas Commission On Law Enforcement (TCOLE) training credit hours and are in sequential review process to become POST or POST equivalent approved in several states in 2024.

Our staff works with agency Training Coordinators to ensure that Instructor Guides, lesson plans, and all administrative support is provided to make your job easier. Every course and training program delivered comes with a complete Training File Support Package to ensure attendance is documented, your administrative compliance is met, and all curriculum material is provided for your agency records.

Our Clients and Past Performance

Since 1999, ISI has trained over 50,000 military, government, and civilian personnel across five continents, contributing to the protection of lives, assets, and national security.


What Our Clients Say

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